Arch tilt & Turn Windows

Our Tilt & Turn arch windows can be manufactured with either a curved sash to follow the shape of the frame or a square sash with fixed glazing to follow the shape of the aperture.

Tilt & turn windows are ideal for providing extra ventilation or even a fire escape (depending on grills), they are also very easy to clean allowing all access from the inside.
If you turn you window handle once (45deg) the window will open in allowing it to open 90 deg being the same as a door. If you then close the window and turn the handle another 45 deg the window will then tilt inwards, allowing fresh air into your property. Some arch Tilt & Turn windows due the radius of the curve can only be manufactured to open turn only.
Our high security tilt and turn windows are very secure we use the WINKHAUS all round multi-point lock with the WINKHAUS WK 2 locking striker, All our window come as standard with a key locking handle.
Like all our windows our, Tilt and turn range are also very efficient.

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